Charter for Compassion

Here’s something a couple friends brought to my attention.

Charter for Compassion

Isn’t this awesome, in the truest sense of the word?  I had the good fortune to attend the kick off for the Compassionate metro Atlanta campaign.  Beautiful venue, at the jimmy carter center off Freedom Parkway.

Check-in was right at the inner glass doors of the vestibule.  We were early and there was already a sense of excitement in the air.  I stood in line maybe 10 minutes.  I was one of the lucky ones whose registration card was identified and assigned to me.  I did my little trick of putting this name badge in a knot so that when i sit at tables, people can still see my name.

We got a sheaf of papers at the door and were encouraged to find a table at which you didn’t know anyone.  Perversely, I pursuaded my friends to sit with me, although a guy I didn’t know came to sit at our table and did contribute to the discussion.

Because that’s what we were there for–to start a conversation.

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