5 Little Known Factors that could affect your Holiday Cheer

Pay Attention! If you’re reading this now, chances are, you already know about holiday funk first hand.  Here are 5 factors you might have missed.

  1. Comparing Your inside to Their Outside

    We all make comparisons.  Just be sure you’re not telling yourself stories about other people, then comparing those stories with your feelings.  Since we don’t have access to their inner voice, we have no idea if the story we are telling ourselves about them is true.

Instead of comparing what you feel, with what you see, look for the similarities.  When we find similarities, we begin to relate to that person.  When we can relate, we can empathize. Then we have a connection.   When you notice you’re comparing again, and you will, remember that you’re comparing apples to oranges and look for the similarities, instead.

Alone Time Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be

Humans are pack animals.  Human interaction is necessary for our survival and for our mental health. When we get lonely, we are at risk for depression, which makes it even harder for us to reach out and satisfy our need for connection.

When you feel the first twinges of loneliness, plan an outing of some kind.  Go to your local library or coffee shop.  You don’t have to engage right away–or at all.  Just being around others can satisfy that craving for the pack that is at the root of loneliness.

if you don’t have the money, don’t go to the store.

Can you ‘window shop’ and feel uplifted and prosperous?  Or, do you develop a sort of grudge about all the pretty things that sparkle, and you can’t have?  If the latter, we may find It’s the ‘can’t have’ mentality that sours our holiday. One way to dissolve the unease before it matures into bitterness, is to try limiting exposure to high pressure retail sales.  But then you have Ebay and Amazon, as well as all the paid advertisements, that seep into your subliminal consciousness and give you a vague feeling of discontent. Of wanting, without knowing what you want, exactly. Thwart those feelings of discontent by tricking yourself. and get your ‘shopping on’ at the local thrift store.  You’ll be amazed at what $5 can buy. I’m talking about the eating away at you kind of envy.  Everyone else has nice stuff.  Why isn’t my stuff nicer and look like Cindy’s?  Just that corrosive sense that other people must be buying all that stuff on TV, why am I working my ass off and I still can’t afford a bottle of purfume.

  1. Hanging out on the shopping channel – if you don’t have the money, don’t go to the store  Money Wanting vs needing, Gifting yourself, Old rule from Mom–  This is especially true, considering the pressure to BUY, whether you can afford it or not.  Used to be simple, if you don’t have the money, don’t go to the store.  But today, the stores either have their own credit cards or maybe you have one ‘for emegencies’.  No?  Then step over here and fill out this application and you WILL be able to afford whatever your heart desires.  We are more and more removed from actual cash and  virtual money isn’t real money. Again, comparing ourselves to people on TV is time consuming and frustrating.  The Truth?  No matter what hand bag or shoes you buy We don’t like seeing what we can’t have.  This might begin with a low level sense of unease.  This can grow into depression or bitterness–maybe both.  So much so, that we use credit to buy what feels like the deal of the year.
  2. Body maintenance  Take care of the vehicle you live in if you don’t get your car’s oil changed regularly, you are probably subject to almost certainly going to suffer from this.  These are basics.  Make a list and check it twice.  Take care of your vehicle.  Get some sleep.  Cuddle with someone special or a pet.  Ease up on the coffee or cola.  And take a giant mental step back so you have time to breathe.
  3. Comfortable clothes or Comfort –  Keeping the body in comfort is important all year.  Spot check: Do your pants leave red welts on your waist?  How can you have a good time if your body is in discomfort?  Trying to fit into that party dress?  Just give yourself a buy and don’t fret.  Are you adequately hydrated?  Are you allergic to pine needles?

Start the day with a quick check-in  There are so many factors that affect our level of comfort.  Identifying these little known factors could be the trick to turn your bubbling over inner rage into joy and peace.

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